Developing and Using Tech Tools (For Teachers)

March 7, 2013  |  Teaching

Editor’s Note: I originally designed this post as an in-house thing for the members of my think-tank, but then I was thinking how cool it would be to toss this out to the world so see what all of you think. Shoot me your ideas in the comments section or tweet me @MisterMinor Tag your tweet #TCRWP so everyone can get in on the action…



What a week for the EdTech crew! All the news coming out of South by Southwest has been incredible. People have been sharing best practices all over the place. The #HipHopEd weekly chats (Tuesday nights, twitter heads) have been powerful and fun. To top that all off, I’m in a think tank with some amazing educators at #TCRWP, and we are trying to sythesize all these good ideas into something sustainably powerful for teachers.

Here are a few ideas that we’ve got cooking (this is not a resource page as much as it is a think aloud/lit review):

  • Video or audio podcasting can be a big thing. We just have to figure out what the best use for it is. We are thinking that the use of podcasting can vary by community. Aside from it’s traditional use as a subscription/RSS based outlet for audio or digital content, we’ve been thinking that for teachers and coaches it’s more practical to view podcasts as possible one-time dispatches to your people. Kind of like email, but better… For example, if you have something special that you want to share with your team or if you want to celebrate student/staff accomplishments, one can consider podcasts over email. Additionally you can use them to share student work. Everyone wants to be famous, so creating an audience of parents or community members and podcasting work out to them can be powerful. We found that one of the best ways to get podcasts out to parents is by using QR codes. (More on that soon.) The easiest podcasting tools for teachers seem to be the iMove and GarageBand software that is already on your Mac. Money invested = $0.00. That is what we love the most about all of this.
  • Scan me with your cell phone, and I will take you to my leader.

    Scan me with your cell phone, and I will take you to my leader.

    Using QR codes to give fast access to digital content is perfect for school. QR codes are everywhere, and it’s a cool way to get all of our mostly analog friends (some parents, community members, principals, that teacher down the hall that calculates grades with an abacus) in on the action without having to explain to them what we are talking about. You’ve seen them. they look like E.T.’s fingerprint or something (Photo below). Basically, you can assign this visual code to any web-based content, (think of it as a visual web address) and when someone scans it with the camera of their smartphone, it takes them directly to your content. You can put these things everywhere — on notes home to parents, bulletin boards, flash cards… If you don’t mind ads, one of the best free sites for creating QR codes is QuikQR.

  • My Colleague Brianna┬áhas an awesome blog that she started during our think tank sessions. I’m starting to think now that if you are a teacher, you need a blog. You have an audience (students, caregivers, community). You have something to say (you are an educator). You need a venue. This can be that venue… There are a few different paths you can take. Everyone has different preferences. I tend to roll with WordPress. If you want lots of kids and parents involved, Edublogs is a great option. Google’s blogger suite is easy enough to master during a prep and robust enough to make you feel like you could work for Facebook. (Don’t go work for Facebook. Their founder tried to teach middle school. We should all keep our day jobs.)
  • We’ve also been thinking about gear… What is the minimum amount of stuff that you might need to get your classroom/practice decently into the 21st century? I’ve tried to just stick to the hardware that most schools have already invested in… I really think you can do a lot of cool teaching moves with just a:
    • Computer or Laptop
    • iPad
    • Projector or Smart Board
    • Mini Speakers

We’ll keep thinking about this. Let us know what you think.


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