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Christmas, The Minor Way

January 2, 2013  |  Family  |  No Comments

Crockett Kids, eagerly awaiting Christmas

When I was six, I waited the whole entire year for Christmas to come-and my mom and dad made it well worth the wait. A Crockett Christmas was nothing short of something you might see in a Hallmark Classic-good tidings and cheer were thrown all over the place. From specially dyed, homemade frosting and variations of sprinkles for sugar cookies to reindeer feed left on the porch for Blitzen and his gang, our house was tight with Christmas tradition.

24 years later, I may not be waiting the whole entire year for the season to spring, but when it’s here, I blast my Mariah Carey Christmas station on Pandora and immediately start perusing Amazon for gifts, ensuring to fully utilize my amazon prime membership in shipping waivers. 


Soleil and Kass, Decking the “Hall”

This year, I had extra reason to be merry: I have a sweet little 8 month old Soleil to be the bell to my jingle. Cornelius is always hip to the beat, and immediately began teaching Soleil the art of cookie mongering while I ran through the art of decking the halls, errrr hall. We do live in a Brooklyn apartment after all.


Cornelius and Soleil, right before missed Christmas Eve service, right on time for Jesus’s Bday Party

And while the Crockett Christmas certainly set a high precedent, I felt like creating Minor Family Christmas Traditions was a bit of a milestone for me and Cornelius as parents. We had our own way of doing things, like missing Christmas Eve service, but making it to Jesus’s birthday party. Renting a zip car to see Christmas lights in Dyker Heights, returning it late, and making a gigantic person really, really mad. Leaving the house in our PJs to get hot cocoa and a bacon less bacon egg and cheese at the Dunkin Donuts down the block because it’s Kosher, and that’s the only thing open on Christmas Day.

I’ll always carry a little bit of the Crockett Christmas inside of me, but it’s fun to do Christmas the Minor Way. Soleil glowed during the whole Christmas season, and as far as we’re concerned, that means mission accomplished. When she is six, she might be crossing off the days until Christmas just like her mom did so many years ago.




Happy Holidays, Kass!

Happy Holidays, Kass!

December 24, 2012  |  Family  |  No Comments

So there’s this little Brooklyn woman that I love. She’s all awesome and stuff. The kids she teaches, the friends we share, the daughter we have, me — all of us are lucky to know her. In this season of thanks, I am infinitely thankful that she’s my one.

We’re taking a few days off the blog to celebrate the season, but we’ll be right back to business after we eat all these holiday cookies. Have fun with the folks that you love. I’m certainly having fun with mine.