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2012-04-02 17.50.429 December 2012 – Corn

The heat in our apartment only has one setting – hell. So either my family contracts interior frostbite or walking downstairs feels like we are atoning for the sins of every Christian that ever lived.

Consequently, we have been beefing with the landlord over the heating situation for the last month (don’t make me call you out online, man!). As a compromise, they got us some of those high-tech space heaters.

I get up a 4:30am most mornings, so it’s my job to turn on the heaters. (I feel like Pa from Little House on the Prarie…) The other morning I pitched the dirty diapers into the diaper bin and turned on the space heater.

As the room warmed, I noticed that the diapers were particularly fragrant. I looked over at the bin reminding myself that I would take them out as soon as there was enough sunlight to see by. I pulled the bin between the heater and the door as a physical reminder of my commitment to doing so. What I did not know at the time, young chemist, is that diaper bins conduct heat, so while I was preparing to face the day, Soleil’s used diapers were baking.

Within minutes, the whole downstairs smelled like baby powder and Armageddon. The s#!+, folks, had literally hit the (heating) fan. Without bothering to dress myself and acting on my primal desire to not disappoint Kass, I ran the diapers out to the corner immediately. I stood there among the trash and recycling as the sun rose over my shoulder realizing that this is going to be my life. S#!+.

Cool. In the silent predawn, standing among the recycling on the corner of 48th street, I felt like I had saved my family (from my own ignorance?). They could have awakened to what was literally a $#!+ty situation. Though there was no one to cheer me on then, I gave myself congratulatory chuckle – realizing that there is a lot that’s going to happen on this journey that no one will ever see or celebrate. Those are the things that make me a dad.



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