Modifying Reading & Writing Workshops in ICT Settings

January 22, 2013  |  Teaching
Thoughtful classroom instruction can start here...

Thoughtful classroom instruction can start here…

My teaching partner, Janet, and I had a fantastic time presenting at the college today. We facilitated a day on modifying the reading and writing workshops to meet the needs of all learners — especially those with disabilities. The discussion was wonderful, we had the opportunity to share some of our latest work, and we learned a lot together.

I am always moved by the educators who commit themselves so wholeheartedly to special education. It was wonderful to talk and hear stories of hard work, struggle, and eventual success. It was even more wonderful to leave the day energized and recommitted to making sure that ALL kids get the best that we can offer.

You can find a transcript of today’s online chat here:┬áThere is also still time to add to it!

Additionally, here are some other resources that we created today. For regular readers of the blog, my next few posts will discuss things that we can do to make our teaching more inclusive. We hope that you will find these useful as you continue this work in your own classroom:

Janet’s Presentation

Cornelius’ Handout

Cornelius’ Quick Lesson Differentiation Guide

“Pajamas” Excerpt

“Giving Tree” Excerpt

“Tree Frog” Excerpt

Cornelius’ Presentation

A quick sheet to keep track of conferences



  1. Janet had on display a very helpful handout, – Envisioning the Classroom Instruction Puzzle. Is that available on this website?

  2. How might you help a 4th grade student with autism engage in a group reading research-based project? She doesnt talk about what she reads although she is high functioning.

  3. please put up the charts up on the site. thank you

  4. Where did you purchase the Archie comics that helped your students go up reading levels?


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