How do we reach ALL learners?

Teaching “The Kids in the Back of the Room”

October 4, 2014  |  Teaching

A while ago, my (AMAZING) partner Janet and I presented a workshop together on teaching special education. It was a lot of fun (and super-productive).

So we did it again this week. We wanted to think publicly about what it takes to Modify Reading & Writing Workshop in an ICT setting.

We used a lot of the resources from the organization where we work, but we also worked with teachers to make a few other things. Here are some things that we hope you find useful!

  • We talked quite a bit about co-teaching, here is a reminder of all the different co-teaching models. This leans on all that we have learned from Marilyn Friend.
  • The term “differentiation” has been thrown around for eons. Here is what it means to us, and here is a quick form that we use when we think about how to design a lesson universally so that all kids can access it.
  • Teaching with another person is a relationship that is just as significant as the relationships we share with friends and family. As such, these relationships require maintenance. Here are a few documents that can help you to work on your teaching relationships in productive ways.
  • Here are some of our favorite digital resources and apps for inclusive teaching.

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