Some Resources for teaching Critical Literacy

Tamir Rice. 12 years old.

Some Resources for teaching Critical Literacy

November 24, 2014  |  Culture, Teaching

…so Mary and I are at it again. We’ve spent the last year lifetime thinking about kids and their reading. One of the things that Mary often says is that our profession spends too much time preparing kids for other English classes and not enough time preparing children to read the beauty and complexity in their own lives. That complexity is delivered by the second — media, friendships, adolescence, family, school, and community all communicate with a gravity that can steamroll children who are not armed with the critical tools to analyze, critique, and to question.

Avoiding hard topics — gender, race, class — has never been an option for us.

This has been especially resonant for me as I watch my young ones wait for a grand jury to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson. Or as I consider the weight of Akai Gurley on Thursday or Tamir Rice on Sunday. (And that’s just this weekend.) How do I help the students that I serve to process these things on Tuesday?

We’re leading a study group today that looks at the last 18 months in media, specifically Hip hop, and we’ll be practicing how to use it as path to critical reading and thinking.



  1. Powerful list. It’s fueling my Monday morning work. Thanks for this, Cornelius.

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    • Hei, utrolig fin blogg du har – og kjempe inspirerende liv dere lever :o) Søt familie :o)Jeg husker at du i fjor laget slike pressang collages til dine barn, hvor du viste litt av hva du tenkte Ã¥ gi dem til jul – gjør du noe slikt i Ã¥r?

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    • Thanks, Mike. I had the same line of thinking as you. Fewer categories would certainly streamline things, but I figured since we already had to be there all day and had the fires going, might as well make the most of it. If I do it again next year I think it will help a lot just knowing how the process works and I can plan the time out a little better.

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  22. Snow day here in Altoona too! My kids went shovelling and made mad money! This was our first official snow day as well. Have a great weekend!

  23. This “free sharing” of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.

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