What you need to know about School Testing in the USA

Is it all about this?

What you need to know about School Testing in the USA

October 16, 2014  |  Culture, Teaching  |  No Comments

So I feel “some kind of way” about standardized testing. (I’ll save that for another post.)

Feelings aside, though, I do believe that access to information is power, and because many of our states use these tests, I wanted to share the latest info from the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessment consortiums. These are the two organizations that write most of the testing for school-aged children in the United States.

What you will see here is standards and sample tests from each of these companies. This represents their latest public thinking as they prepare to assess students in the spring of 2015. (HUGE shout out to Janet and Mary for sharing this with me!)

If you are a teacher, this is another thing that can help you to decide how to use classroom time.

If you are a parent, this can help you to think about the language that your child is probably hearing at school.

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How do we reach ALL learners?

Teaching “The Kids in the Back of the Room”

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A while ago, my (AMAZING) partner Janet and I presented a workshop together on teaching special education. It was a lot of fun (and super-productive).

So we did it again this week. We wanted to think publicly about what it takes to Modify Reading & Writing Workshop in an ICT setting.

We used a lot of the resources from the organization where we work, but we also worked with teachers to make a few other things. Here are some things that we hope you find useful!

  • We talked quite a bit about co-teaching, here is a reminder of all the different co-teaching models. This leans on all that we have learned from Marilyn Friend.
  • The term “differentiation” has been thrown around for eons. Here is what it means to us, and here is a quick form that we use when we think about how to design a lesson universally so that all kids can access it.
  • Teaching with another person is a relationship that is just as significant as the relationships we share with friends and family. As such, these relationships require maintenance. Here are a few documents that can help you to work on your teaching relationships in productive ways.
  • Here are some of our favorite digital resources and apps for inclusive teaching.
Color Sets? No. Text Sets!

Step your matching game up!

Color Sets? No. Text Sets!

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Here are some text sets that I’ve been using recently.