How I Ended Up at Burger King on 4th Ave. (or the random trials and tribulations of MisterMinor)

February 13, 2013  |  Family

One thing that I love about Brooklyn kids is that they are not afraid to call you out. As an adult who works with young people, you have to be on your game.

At all times.

This being the case, I should not have been surprised that the first words in homeroom this morning were, “Son, Minor talks all that talk about healthy eating, and I saw him ordering off the dollar menu at Burger King this morning!”


I was at Burger King this morning, but y’all making it sound worse than it really was. What had happened was:

  1. …so I might have forgotten to order the groceries this week.
  2. The only breakfast in at the house might have belonged to the baby.
  3. I might even have examined said baby breakfast and thought, “this is edible… and healthy!”
  4. I might have chastised myself for thinking about eating the baby’s food.
  5. Then I might have reminded myself, “I pay the bills here, this is technically MY FOOD!”
  6. Then I might have felt a deep sense of shame – thinking, “Fatherhood is supposed to be about honor, and there is no honor in eating organic baby food for breakfast.”
  7. Shame might have driven me to the dollar menu.

This same sense of shame had me explaining to an incredulous crew of Brooklyn kids that, “sometimes you just need to order a ‘CrossainWich’.”

Today’s Lesson: Integrity means staying out of Burger King — even if there is no food at the house. Peace.



  1. I see a skylander.

    • Yes! We have lots of them now! I’m so excited!

      • A highlight is that my Mom and I completed a quilt top for a ne&;2wp#8e17hs wedding gift. Now just the backing, quilting, and binding! The wedding is in April.Of special joy to me is that I celebrated another birthday on Feb 9. After having gone through 2 years of cancer business, every birthday becomes especially dear and a happy surprise, too!

  2. So, integrity means being hungry and ill-prepared for the demands of your work rather than gaining some sustenance from an outlet you wouldn’t normally consider?? Don’t be so hard on yourself 🙂

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