There is no such thing as THE way...

There is no one way to success for students. The paths are as diverse as the backgrounds and needs of the families that we serve. How do I account for that in the classroom? Do we need more ninjas?

There is no such thing as THE way…

November 2, 2013  |  Teaching

With so many new initiatives and mandates, teaching and learning is beginning to feel more high-stakes than ever. From Common Core to Charlotte Danielson’s framework, the checklist of things in my “Gotta Do” file seems to include everything except for ensuring that students love learning and that they do it consistently.

It’s been a short autumn, but already the weight of the academic year is beginning to get a bit uncomfortable. I’ve been all over the country and in many parts of the world this season, and people keep asking:

“In all of this, how do I keep the focus on student learning?” Bigger still, as we learn more about students and their diverse needs, how can we teach in a way that is inclusive and in a manner that provides as many different pathways as possible to academic and life success?

There are no easy answers, but there is community.

On Wednesday November 6 I’ll be leading a Twitter Chat among teachers, parents, community leaders, and students to discuss creating multiple pathways to student learning. The hour-long chat starts at 7:30 PM EST. (Apologies to Singapore and Shanghai. I owe you all breakfast next time I’m in town.) You can join by searching and using the hashtag #TCRWP. I hope to “see” you there. You can also follow me @MisterMinor

For those of you who are in NYC and want to continue the conversation in person, I’m co-leading an inquiry group with the Inclusive Classrooms Project at Teachers College. You can register for free here.

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  1. Its so good to see that you’re still sharing your ideas Corny.

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