Through my work at TCRWP, I spend my days working with middle school literacy teachers all over the world. Much of that time is spent studying students and their work, and building units, classes, and programs that support movement and student growth in reading and writing. This work is as colorful and diverse as the teachers and students with whom I work.

In this, I have learned that none of us are alone. All of our work is built upon the brilliance of those who came before us… The only way that I can pay these things back, is to always be mindful of sharing my work forward…

I have my own street out here!

I have my own street out here!

February 1st In Seattle

I’ve been working in Seattle Schools for a while now, and the teachers and I have thought a lot about the role of literacy in developing community. As a result, I lead a seminar day to share some of what we’ve done at Interagency, Madrona, Aki, McClure, Denny, Madison, and Mercer with the entire city. The day had two focal points — one associated with reading and the other with writing.

The reading part of the day looked at close reading of nonfiction texts and the writing part of the day was all about using writing as a tool to leverage school and community-wide change.

Much of what we have innovated together is posted below. Most of these materials explain themselves. For a thorough discussion on all that you see here, you can view the transcript of (and participate in) our online chat here: www.todaysmeet.com/MisterMinor

Here is the advertised description of the day. Here are the slides that I talked from.

Teacher Study Guide: This is a guide I built to help teachers move into the idea of quick, responsive, data-informed lesson planning. Here we examine lessons, read-alouds, small groups, and conferences.

Common Skills: This is a lesson planning tool that helps us to do preliminary planning starting with the specific skills that kids need work on.

This is a set of texts on NYC’s controversial “Stop and Frisk” laws. If we want kids to read, we have to provide them with materials that are relevant to their lives. These texts are provided as examples, not suggestions. They were collected in Middle and High School classrooms in NYC. You’ve got to think about your own students when choosing texts… Some of these may be appropriate for your classes, others may not be. Many of these were collected by teachers. If you use these, thank a colleague, by sharing some of your own work.

This is a set of texts that explores the legacy of Title IX.

This is a set of texts that examines dating in the FaceBook age.

This is a set of texts that covers various aspects of basketball.

This is a set of texts about video games.

This is a set of texts about the Articles of Confederation

– Corn



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  2. Hi! I was fortunate to hear you speak in Los Angeles on the 31st. I was completely inspired and amazed at how much I could still learn (in one day, too)! I wanted to follow up with you because you said that you had photos of your classroom, links to articles, and checklists to share. I was wondering how to go about getting those resources. Thank you! – Allison Sasaki

  3. Your presentation during the Teachers College Reunion was phenomenal!! I have since scoured your website and passed your name on to my colleagues. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work in the field! You are a true inspiration. I enjoyed that poem called, “A Bad Hair Day”. I looked for it online, but couldn’t find it. I know my 7th graders would love it. Would you be able to email me a link? Thank you!!

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