The participation of Kass and Corn at Challenging the Canon: Rethinking the Literary Classics, sponsored by The Center for Teaching Through Children’s Books held at National Louis University on March 2, 2019, requires multiple underscores!!! (and exclamation marks and all kinds of other warm, fierce emotions!)

  1. When a colleague asked Cornelius what kind of educator he aspired to be more than 15 years ago, within a split second, he responded,  “Alfred Tatum.”
  2. When Kass’s family engaged in a Christmas book exchange more than a decade ago, Kass’s older sister Kyle called Corn, asking him what books to buy for her, and within a split second, he responded, “Anything written by Naomi Shihab Nye.”3. When Junko Yokota, Kass and Corn’s dear friend and mentor, asked if they wanted to do this event, and be in conversation with Alfred Tatum and Naomi Shihab Nye, within a split second, they responded “YES!”

To be continued March 2! Check out Challenging the Canon

for more information.