Upcoming Events

We spend the bulk of our time on the east coast. However, we do travel globally to provide workshops, speak at statewide and national educational conferences, and present to school districts.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about booking future speaking engagements, workshops, or residencies in your area. We’d love to work with you.

Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church-Liberatory Discourse with Brooklyn Youth – Aug 19-23 2019
Berkshires School District, MA, August 26, 2019
District 7, Bronx, Aug 29, 2019
Brooklyn, NY, Sunset Park Prep, Aug 30, 2019
NJ, Hackensack Public Schools, 9-4-19
Manhattan, District 2, 9-11-19
Noblesville, IN, 9.11-9-13-19
Chicago Public Schools, 9-16-19
Groton, CT 9-17-19
North Kansas City, 9.18-9.19-19
Brooklyn, International School of Brooklyn, 9.20.19
Manhattan, PS 3, 9.23.19
Brooklyn, International School of Brooklyn, 9.24.19
Aeia, HI, Ka Hui Heluhelu International Literacy Association, 9.28.19
Manhattan, Wagner MS/MS 104, 10.2.19
Gastonia, NC, Gaston County Schools, 10.3.19
Peoria, IL, Illinois Reading Counil, 10.4.19
Denver, Colorado, Colorado Language Arts Society, 10.5.19
Manhattan, PS 3, 10.7.19
New Orleans, Louisiana, International Literacy Association Conference, 10.9-10.11.19
Manhattan, District 2,  10.15.19
Brooklyn, Sunset Park Prep MS,  10.16.19
Brooklyn, International School of Brooklyn,  10.17.19
Dover, DE, Delaware Dept of Ed,  10.18.19
Rhode Island, Literacy For All Conference, 10.21-10.22.19
Bay Area, CA,  Heinemann Workshop, 10.23.19
Manhattan,  Special Education Collaborative, 10.24.19
Rutgers, NJ,  Rutgers  Center for Literacy Development, 10.25.19
Chicago Public Schools, 10.28-10.29.19
Queens, Heinemann Workshop, 10.30.19

If you don’t see us at an event near you, you need to let us know. We want to help all of those who are ready to make a difference in their students’ lives.

Let’s Work Together