Never underestimate the power of the pop-up book.  Working as a special educator, I was always assigned to proctor kids who were anticipated to take many hours on standardized tests.  The light at the end of the tunnel in that whole scenario was that the kids got to take their practice tests in the art room! Little known secret: often times, art teachers have the best libraries in the whole school.  My friends Lizzie Fortin and Ann Rokonsky recently introduced me to Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg, the most engaging tactile book experience I’ve had since childhood. [Ann has a “Beautiful Oops” bin in her art classroom, where students put their “oops” work.  The bin generates materials that are then recreated into another work!] As a parent, caregiver, and person who genuinely values undoing muck, I’ve embraced temporary failing as part of life’s work.  Children HAVE A REALLY REALLY hard time with this concept, especially me and Cornelius’s fiery-hearted five year old.  I actually walked to the book store the next day, children in tow, and purchased.