Throughout the Co-VID 19 era, all communities of people on Earth have been exposed to a collective trauma that few generations of humans have met.  It has been painful.  Within that collective trauma, systemic racism continues to disproportionately impact Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), by lots of measures, including, and especially, school. Who gets to learn? Who doesn’t? 

Worse, police brutality has reared its ugly head during this collective experience, and all people in this country have witnessed, AGAIN, the murdering of Black people.  As we create this guide, protesters march along Fulton Street in the center of Brooklyn, we see them through our window, and we listen to the blistering sound of hundreds of people chanting the names of Black people who have been killed.  

Roxane Gay reminds us that scientists will eventually find a cure for covid. Scientists and healthcare workers will work hard, they will work endlessly, they will try and err and try and err until there is no possibility for the disease to harm people. Systemic racism runs deep in schools, and we educators are the social scientists of school.  How hard will we work? Will it be endlessly? Will we try and err and try and err until there is no possibility that racism will harm children and their families in our schools?

The following guide is simply an initiation, a short spark, an in-road to anti-racist school community, but its merit goes nowhere if it is not met with continued action that meets our most systemically hurt kids, if it is not met with action from committed humans who can see even when the fire in the street is not lit.  


We look forward to continually supporting and learning from those who are committed to this work.  We hope to see you in the summer, in the Fall. On the twitters. @misterminor @MsKass1 


This resource is offered at no cost.  However, The Minor Collective members, Kass and Cornelius,  accept compensation at the reader’s discretion for the intellectual and emotional labor put forth to create this guide.  

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