This Spring, I had the great privilege to work with Newbery Medalist, NY Times best-selling author Meg MedinaThe Author Village supported us in this very special endeavor, where we worked together to create robust and joyful literacy resources, free, for teachers, kids, and most of all-families!! I’m so proud to announce that this 40-page Author Study, Grow Your Family’s Reading Life: An Intergenerational Author Study Featuring Meg Medina is available now as a FREE downloadable guide (MegMedina.AuthorStudy.TAV) to be shared widely!
I think constantly about the summer reading assignments that fill families and kids with dread instead of joy.  Exhausted people are everywhere, and “reading droughts” have been catalyzed by surviving the Pandemic.
Reading, literacy, can be a salve and a muse and a refuge, but it’s important that we find new and/or different entry points for tired people to experience their lives in literacy in ways that are peaceful, energizing, or fulfilling.  Teachers, librarians, parent/caregiver groups, friends, and families, I invite you to share the guide with one another, and engage in some of the activities together too!
Life blossoms, once again, in front of us, and it is my hope that Grow Your Family’s Reading Life: an Intergenerational Author Study Featuring Meg Medina will reinvigorate family’s reading lives, inspire laughter, activate story-telling, and that from those experiences, rich literacies will continue to grow from those connections.
You can find the guide linked to Meg Medina’s blog,  or download it using the link above. We hope you share your family’s experiences, especially photos and artifacts, with us via social media! Meg and I will be sharing our experiences this summer too, using the hashtag #TAVAuthorStudy.