The Outside, Inside Curriculum, co-created by author/illustrator LeUyen Pham and educator Kass Minor, and sponsored by The Author Village,  includes rich conversation, and multimodal activities to help caregivers and educators develop a foundational landscape for engaging kids in authentic conversation and reflective practice grounded in and connected to the 2020-21/Global Pandemic teaching and learning experience.

Kids, teachers, and caregivers have few opportunities to talk about how COVID-19 has shaped their lives, and many have become desensitized to its omnipresent force. LeUyen Pham’s newest book Outside, Inside offers a gentle touchstone for initiating and/or continuing these conversations.

In this resource, LeUyen and Kass demonstrate how this text, paired with thoughtful activities, has the power to generate multiple opportunities for rich and sustained engagement, healthy emotional processing, and strengthened literacy for kids-both at home and in the classroom.

Link to curriculum here: OutsideInside.TeachingBundle.TAV (3)

To watch this curriculum demonstrated live by Kass Minor and LeUyen Pham, click here.

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