Illustration of a lone young person in the dark looking out a window.

Trauma is a behemoth, it lives everywhere.  It doesn’t just show its face in the “streets”; it breathes its life into school.  At best, we find ways to weave in the kinds of care children and adults alike need to grow outside of and within their trauma.  At worst, the very structure of school, with all its rigidity and traditions steeped in problematic norms, create another layer of trauma for folks to also have to deal with.  When Carrie Gaffney (@carrie_gaffney), educator and Teaching Tolerance author,  reached out to us to talk about our thoughts on trauma in schools, we gladly accepted.  Thank you to Carrie for offering such a thoughtful and robust piece, underscoring the words Arlene Casimir-Siar (@acasimirsiar) (our friend whose every step in this work is swirled within an ethos of care) and Paul Gorski (@pgorski) (an educator researcher who consistently drops knowledge that noone else likes to say, but everybody needs to hear) had to say so powerfully.  This article is a call to everyone to norm conversations about trauma in schools everywhere.

(Also thank you to the brilliant Monita Bell (@monitaB_TT) , managing editor of TT for making this article and all the other fire reading in the summer TT issue happen.  The Minor fam loves you!)